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The Winnetka Club Membership

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Membership opens doors to friendships and community service. Members enjoy sharing ideas and experiences, personally growing and learning – all while working toward the shared goals of supporting philanthropic initiatives and supporting those in need.

Membership Benefits

If you are new to the North Shore community, working or not, entering a new phase of life, or simply interested in volunteering and expanding your horizons, there is something for you at The Winnetka Club.

Membership is open to women and men of all ages who are interested in participation.  As a member making friendships in this historic community, you will have a wide selection of newly-developed events to choose from.

Activities of The Club include educational activities, fundraising, book discussion groups, and more.  You will be invited to be part of our philanthropic committee involved in fund-raising that supports charitable events as well as providing scholarships to deserving high school graduates that live in New Trier Township.

You will be given a chance to participate on committees and develop skills to serve as a chairperson within the club organization.

Responsibilities of the Winnetka Club Members

  • Be involved!
  • Accept service committee assignments, as you are able
  • Develop interest, awareness and skills to serve on the Board, as you desire
  • Spread the news about The Winnetka Club to your friends and help increase our membership
  • Attend meetings and support fund raising events through contributions and service, as you are able
  • Pay annual dues

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