Past Recipients

Past Scholarship Recipients

 2016 Scholarship Recipients

Alyssa Heath – New Trier HS – Kitty Shen Scholarship – attending Trinity College

Talia Schiff – New Trier HS – attending Indiana University

Jack Osborne – Loyola HS – attending Notre Dame University

Therese Jaggard – New Trier HS – attending University of Illinois

Dillion Forester – North Shore Country Day – attending Colgate University

 2015 Scholarship Recipients

William Curren – Columbia College of Chicago

John Haboush – Marquette University

Gabby Kraus – Ohio State University

Jeremy Lee – University of Missouri

Katie Miller – Saint Louis University

Ally Neumann – Indiana University

Samantha Neumann – Indiana University

Sarah Wright – University of St. Andrews

     “The Winnetka Club Scholarship helped to make my dream of attending the University of Michigan more attainable and realistic. Through my classes, extracurricular activities, and the relationships I have formed, I have gained independence and a more specific idea of how to reach my future goals.
My first semester was incredible and I can’t thank you enough for all the Winnetka Club has done for me.”

– Sarah Schuman