Scholarship FAQs

Scholarship FAQs

Q.        Will you accept a scholarship application after the application deadline?

           A.  We are sorry, but to be fair to all our applicants, we must adhere to our cut-off date.

Q.        What if I am missing some of the required documents?

           A.  All required documents MUST be postmarked by the cut-off date for the application to be considered.

Q.        Is the deadline the date which the application must be received or just postmarked?

           A.  The cut-off date is the date by which the completed application must be post-marked.

Q.       Are your scholarships strictly “need based?”

           A.  Need is a very important criteria, but we also consider character and merit.

Q.       What are the requirements to apply for a scholarship?

A.  You must be a U.S. Citizen.  You also must be a graduating senior who lives in New Trier Township.

Q.       Is the scholarship only for a four year college program?

           A.  No, your scholarship can be used at either an accredited Junior College or four year College or University.

Q.       When and How will my scholarship be paid?

           A.  Your scholarship will be paid directly to the College or University on your behalf and will be recieved prior to the beginning of school.

Q.       When will I hear whether or not I will be awarded a shcolarship?

A.  Within approximately 30 days after the cut-off date we will contact you to set up a brief interview.  We will notify you either way within 7-10 days after your interview.

Q.       May I drop my application off?

           A.  We would prefer you mail your application but if you need to drop off your application, please call the Club at (847) 446-1830, and we will make every effort to accommodate you.

Q.        If I have other questions, who should I contact?

           A.  Please contact Meg Graham, Scholarship Chair at (513) 939-7888 or or you may also contact Candace Tesler, Philanthropy Chair at